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document management software

document management system


  • Easy Search and Retrieval

Keyword searches, full text searches, multi level filtered searches. Hot key searches from external applications.

  • Organized Folder Structure

Folder structure with unlimited folders and subfolders. Automatically create folders from index fields. Store an unlimited number of files in each folder.

  • Scan Files

Unlimited scanning from every workstation. Scan from any TWAIN driver source.

  • Full Text & Quick Zone OCR

Integrated OCR engine for TIFF and PDF files to make the documents searchable based on the content of the document. Easy to use quick zone OCR feature (click and index) allows you to select text on an image and automatically populate an index field.

  • Index Files and Folders

Index documents and folders for easy Search and Retrieval. Use the database lookup feature to grab index data from an external data source. Format index fields with different options: date format, number fields, character fields. Easy auto fill feature wehn indexing files.

  • Annotations

Apply annotations such as text boxes, rubber stamps, images, free hand drawing as an overlay to image files.

  • Split and Merge Images

Easily split and combine tiff and pdf files.

  • Bates Label

Apply page numbers, bates labels, and watermarks to images automatically upon export.

  • Workflow

Dynamic workflow integration with: individual user inboxes, automatic document routing, customizable rules for document routing and actions, email notifications, document flow history tracking, automatic document stamping, link to index fields for document routing and index value updates.

  • Active Import

Automatically import files into Dokmee from electronic fax servers, networks scanners, MFP devices, as well as local and network folders.

  • Email Management

Customizable schedule for automatic email retrieval. Rules and filters for automatic sorting, Import emails with and without attachments. Integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

  • Audit Log

Logs all actions performed in Dokmee. Print or export the audit log. Fully searchable log based on date, user, actions, and files.

What is Dokmee?

Dokmee is a feature rich document management software with a very attractive price point. With multiple editions available, Dokmee is able to meet the needs of any size company no matter how small or large.

Dokmee may run on an intranet with multi user capabilities in a Windows based network environment. Dokmee can also run as a web hosted system directly by the end user with access from multiple web browsers, or may be setup as a SaaS model through a VAR or Office Gemini. With many different licensing options available and several essential features, Dokmee is a complete document management system presented with a user friendly interface to meet the needs of all end users.


What are the Advantages?

    • 30 Day fully functional FREE trial!

Download document management software

  • User friendly interface
  • All inclusive pricing model


Need Help learning how to use Dokmee?

Watch our detailed Training Videos for each module and function.



Dokmee Home

Price: $249 / £159

$149 / £89 (Limited time)

per station

Dokmee Professional

Price:  $795 / £499

per station

Dokmee Enterprise



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