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document management software

document management software

  • Easy Search and Retrieval


  • Organized Folder Structure


  • Index Files and Folders


  • Annotations


  • Workflow


  • Audit Log


What is Dokmee Web?



With many of the same great features and a matching user friendly interface, Dokmee Web is a complement to the Dokmee product line. Dokmee Web can run as a standalone product or it can run in conjunction with Dokmee Enterprise.


Use Dokmee Web when you are on the go, away from the office, or working from home. It is also a great way for companies with multiple offices on separate networks to stay connected and share files with one another. No more mailing and shipping files between offices. Store all files on one centrally located server shared across all offices worldwide.








What are the Advantages?

  • Fully functional FREE trial on the Dokmee Website!
  • User friendly interface
  • Works on any Web Browser


Username/Password: demo




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